Week Ten Progress Report

SXSW happens this week.  Also, all of the chaos from Week 9 is still disturbing my routine:

Week ten progress report- Mar 3 through Mar 9


So, testing the waters with Python (explanation below) and otherwise too chaotic/backed-up during the week to do much.

Gonna Integrate Some Python

I hate doing this.  It will add breadth to my knowledge (which is good) but at the expense of the speed at which I get deep (very bad).  Plus, I have a very strong sense of loss aversion, so I feel like I’m wasting some of the progress I’ve made with Ruby by diluting my focus.  I’m thankful for the opportunity to force myself to do something in spite of my loss aversion, though.  It will be a good exercise.

So, why Python?  Two reasons:

  1. Based on my research via dice.com and craigslist, Python seems like it’s more in demand.  Check out this infochimps blog, too.
  2. Udacity courses use Python

Udacity Is the Most Exciting Thing On the Web

I’m enrolled in their CS 101 class, which teaches you to code in Python via the task of building a search engine.  Sergei Brin even makes guest appearances in their videos!  They have several other courses which begin soon and build on this course.  It’s free to enroll, and still open.  So I’m taking this class and learning Python.  From the cumulative nature of the courses, and since Udacity is effectively a single discourse, maybe this means I won’t have to keep learning about f*****g variable assignment and control flow every time I start a new course.  That would be a blessing.  Seriously.

Some Things at SXSW I’m Planning on Attending

And other meetups as they pop up.

That’s all for now!

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